QA catalogue - discussion about metadata quality assessment of library catalogues

QA catalogue is a metadata quality assessment tool for library catalogue records (MARC, PICA). It validates records and analyses completeness, different kind of weighted completeness, subject indexing, name authorities, and provides a different tools for further analyses. The tool is used by British Library, Royal Library of Belgium, Gent University, K10plus union catalogue above others. Here we can discuss questions that either related directly to the tool, or to the general topic of metadata quality assessment.

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Hi @pkiraly , thanks for inviting the discussion! I have created a qa catalogue sub-category under Software & Tools and moved this post there, see QA catalogue -

I also translated your intoduction as this forum is aimed at a German-speaking audience. Do you have a logo for qa catalogue that we could add to the category?

Thanks a lot @acka47!
It does not really have a logo, but here we can use this one:

Thanks for the image. Done.

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